Restricted Products

Some products sold by Southeast Outfitters are restricted in some jurisdictions. Restricted products will NOT be shipped to jurisdictions where they are restricted. If a purchase of a restricted product is made and is to be shipped to a jurisdiction in which the restriction exists, Southeast Outfitters will refund the buyer and notify the buyer that the refund has been submitted and that the order has been cancelled.

Restricted products are described in more detail below. This is NOT an exhaustive list of restricted products or jurisdictions where they are restricted. At their own discretion, Southeast Outfitters will contact local law enforcement to verify the legality of products destined for a particular shipping address.


Magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds are known to be restricted in the following jurisdictions.

State County City
California Cook County, IL Los Angeles, CA
Colorado   San Francisco, CA
Connecticut   Sunnyvale, CA
Hawaii (on handguns only)   Aurora, IL
Maryland   Chicago, IL
Massachusetts   Oak Park, IL
New Jersey   Albany, NY
New York   Buffalo, NY
                                                                    New York, NY
     Rochester, NY