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XGrip 1911C1 Officers

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Product Description

The patented XGRIP XG1911c1 adapts the full size 1911 .45 acp 1911 7 or 8 round metal floorplate magazines to function and blend into the frame of the compact 1911 Officers pistol.  Additional ammunition and increasing pistol grip purchase with the unique ‘over-under’ finger hook design which results in significantly improved comfort, control and accuracy.

The 1 piece XGRIP snaps over the 7 or 8 round metal floorplate. No tools are required. Once installed, the XGRIP protects the extended magazine and floorplate. Compatible with 1911 .45 ACP 7 or 8 round metal floorplate magazines only.


*Note: This XGRIP is intended to be a permanent installation.


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  1. Works as advertised. Watch out for the "scorpion" tail 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 18th 2017

    I've used X-Grips on several 1911 magazines in the past, and the work just fine. When first trying to install, they seem like they are too small to fit around the magazine, but it is the locking tabs on either side that cause this.. You have to force them over the open end of the mag and work them down to the bottom. The easiest way to do this is put the X-Grip on a bench with the bottom (locking tab end) facing up. Then position the magazine in the opening and push down to get the tabs started down the sides.. This will take some effort, but once done, the grip can be worked down the length of the mag until the tabs click over the bottom, locking the grip into place.

    One thing to be aware of are the two prongs at the rear of the grip as they are the reason I took off one star. They will give you a nasty pinch if you are unfortunate enough to have any flesh hanging over the bottom of the mainspring housing when you drive the mag into the well. This is almost unavoidable unless you have the teeniest of hand. These prongs serve no purpose that I can see, so I sand them off before installing the grips.

    I chose Southeast because they had the best price; only $11 vs everybody else who want $14 for them. My experience with Southeast was 5-stars. They shipped promptly and I had the grips in two days.